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Click on the arrows to see the concert playlists on YouTube!

Love Notes Chorus in Action!

Enjoy the performance videos and interviews below! Just click the arrows or images to play. The latest news will be added here so keep checking back to see what Love Notes Chorus is doing next.

Video Coming Soon!

Monosnap 2023LNCSave the Date.pdf 🔊 2023-10-31 18-46-27.png
Monosnap Love Notes Chorus - Seventy Six Trombones - YouTube 2024-02-17 13-00-17.png
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Love Takes Flight Flyer.png
Monosnap Love Notes Chorus - Ain't We Got Fun - YouTube 2023-07-07 07-01-30.jpg
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Lifting voices for music and memories! Don't miss the upcoming Love Notes Chorus concert _
Love Notes Chorus _ KEYE 2022-10-19 18-31-36.png
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LoveNotes Convention Video - YouTube 2022-09-22 07-20-59.png
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2022 Love Notes Promo Flyer.png
Love Notes Chorus Still April 2022 Concert.png
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Rehearsals and performances are a part of the fun and a big part of the process as we bring music and memories together for the enjoyment and improvement of everyone's lives!

Click the arrows below to enjoy some of our memories and come and make new ones with us!

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